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Environmental Sustainability

  • Organic practices
  • Ecological principles

  • Quality
  • Respect

  • Delightful spaces
  • Inspiring landscapes

At Nature and Nurture LLC we create delightful outdoor spaces that engage the senses. With the hustle and bustle of modern life, we design landscapes that inspire and provide sanctuary.

We use organic practices which means that we do not use synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. We view landscapes as ecosystems and use ecological principles to guide our work. During our design process a wide range of site factors are considered to create environmentally sustainable landscapes. We try to help homeowners embrace the concept of land stewardship.

We seek to preserve and restore biodiversity through native restoration. When possible, we use native plants in our landscapes because they are perfectly adapted to growing conditions here in Southeast Michigan. They serve various important ecological functions including adding biological diversity to oversimplified landscapes and providing food for native butterflies, pollinators, and birds. We have strict guidelines when it comes to plant selection and we do not use invasive species.

The food that we eat travels 1300 miles on average from field to table even though much of the food that we eat can be grown in our own backyards. At Nature and Nurture LLC, we promote edible plants and encourage our clients to grow food in their own yards. We encourage vegetable gardens and provide assistance with vegetable garden planning and preparation. We also have a small fruit nursery to supply our customers with edible and fruiting landscaping plants. We grow organic Shiitake Mushrooms. We market them directly to consumers and also to local area restaurants, including Zingerman's Delicatessen.

We work with integrity and do quality work that stands up to the test of time. We respect our employees and strive to manage in such a way that encourages personal growth. We love Ann Arbor and recognize the importance of sustaining this community.

We cultivate awareness in the community by teaching organic gardening classes, contributing to youth projects (such as The Agrarian Adventure at Tappan Middle School and Growing Hope), bringing high profile speakers to town (Deborah Koons Garcia, producer of The Future of Food), participating in the Mayor's Green Fair, and working with local non-profits such as the Ecology Center and Think Local First.

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